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Registration Forms

For 2017, the NPD Day Camp is using Adobe Acrobat forms to improve the registration process and security. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11 or later to open and complete the forms. If you do not have Adobe Reader version 11 or later, you can download it free from Adobe. You cannot use other PDF readers to fill in the forms as they are not compatible with the Adobe forms.

Below are links to the required registration forms for 2017 Cub Scout Day Camp.
a. Registration Form Instruction Sheet
b. 2017 Adult Volunteer Registration Form
c. 2017 Youth Registration Form
- for Cub Scout campers

- for LDS Cub Scout campers

-for Tiger Day

for Youth Volunteers

- for Tagalongs

d. BSA Health and Medical Form
e. 2017 Family Tally Sheet


Parents Registration Information
Process: All family registration documents including registration forms for any and all cub scouts, youth volunteers, adult volunteers and tagalongs shall be filled in, printed, signed and assembled into a packet along with a Family Tally Sheet and check or money order made payable to your Pack and submitted to the Pack Coordinator.

To assist the pack coordinator, please submit the registration infomation in this order:

1. Family Tally Sheet (totaled for each family with check made out to BAC-BSA)

2. Adult Application Form(s)  (with completed Medical Form(s) and certifications (YP, CPR, Ect.)

3. Boy Scout/ Youth Volunteer Application Form(s)  (with completed Medical Form(s))

4. Cub Scout Application Form(s)  (with completed Medical Form(s))

Tagalong Application Form(s)  (with completed Medical Form(s)).


Step 1. Open the above Youth Registration Form and begin filling in the form for one camper. At the top of the form, select Cub Scout, Youth Volunteer or Tagalong for the child you are registering. After completing the form, save the form to your computer or other desired digital device. If you are registering several persons, just save each form under a different name (example: Billys Camp Registration Form).
Step 2. Print all completed Registration forms, sign and date.
Step 3. Download and complete Parts A and B of the BSA Health and Medical Form, sign and date. ONLY paper copies of the Health & Medical Form are requested. For privacy, the form may be submitted in a sealed envelope labeled with the Registrant's name and Pack number to maintain confidentiality.
Step 4. To register additional youth, open another Youth Registration Form and follow directions for the above Steps 1 through 3.
Step 5. After completing Registration forms for each registrant, open and complete the Family Tally Sheet. SUBMIT YOUR FAMILY REGISTRATION IN A PACKET TO YOUR PACK COORDINATOR IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER: check or money order payable to your Pack, Family Tally Sheet, Adult Registrations, Youth Volunteer Registrations, Cub Scout Registrations, Tagalong Registrations and BSA Health & Medical Forms.

How do I register adults as Adult Volunteers at Day Camp?
Follow the above Steps 1 through 5 except utilize the above Adult Volunteer Registration form instead of the Youth Registration form.

Completing the Adobe Acrobat Forms:
You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11 or later to open and complete the forms.

To complete a form, just type or select fields highlighted in blue or red. Sections highlighted in red are required fields. On the Family Tally form, some calculations are computed to help you calculate the registration cost. Sometimes these calculations are not computed until your selections are fully entered. To verify that the calculations are all complete, please select the calculation button at the bottom of the sheet. After completing form, save the form to your computer (please rename the form). If you are registering multiple people just open and save each form under a different name (e.g. 2017_Youth_Form_MyName.pdf)