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Due to a great need to fill camp staff positions- especially Station Managers and Station Volunteers- camp size will be limited to prevent crowding of Cub Scouts at stations.

Please consider volunteering for a Station on your Adult Registration Form.

What skills or knowledge are required? Not much! Just the willingness to learn some scout skills, games or crafts and instruct and guide boys in learning the same skills, games or crafts- and we'll help you!. If you have a hobby or skill that may help teach boys about the scouting adventure (Surveying? First aid? Environmental science? Crafter? Artist? and more...), consider offering that as a Station!

If you would like to be on the National Pike Day Camp staff, please
contact the registrar for a list of open positions.

Discounts for adult volunteers that volunteer to help at Camp:
Day Camp Staff*: 2 Scouts or 1 Scout and a Tagalong (MUST pay for shirts)
5 Day Den Leader: $95.00 Discount plus one TagalongFREE  **If all 5 days are for same Den**
5 Day Volunteers: $ 85.00 Discount
4 Day Volunteers: $ 65.00 Discount
3 Day Volunteers: $ 45.00 Discount
Pack Coordinators: $ 60.00 Discount
* Staff discounts are available to Administrative Staff and Station Managers. To become a Staff member please contact your Day Camp Registrar or Director prior to Starting your paperwork.