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To keep our Scouts and Volunteers safe at Camp, everyone in Camp must wear either this year's Day Camp T-shirt, or be identifiable as a visitor who has checked in at the Administration Desk.

Only the current year's Day Camp T-shirt is allowable as a camp T-shirt. Previous years' T-shirts are not allowable as uniform in Day Camp.

Wearing the T-shirt makes it easier for Staff to spot strangers who might have entered our Camp, and makes it easier for Scouts and adults to identify Staff.

This rule also applies to Tagalongs, who, for insurance reasons are not allowed onto the Day Camp grounds during Camp without permission.

The distinctive color of the Tagalongs shirt also makes it easier for the Tagalong Staff to supervise and protect their kids.

Due to T-shirt sizing issues in years past, it is advisable to order a slightly larger size than is currently worn. If you order the wrong size in error, a VERY LIMITED supply of T-shirts MIGHT be available for purchase Saturday after adult training and the Sunday before camp starts.