For reasons of insurance, only registered Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,Crew Members, adult volunteers 18 or older, or minors over the age of 14 are allowed to attend Day Camp.

The separate Tagalong program is available for siblings of Scouts who are attending Camp, but only on those days that the Scout's parents are on site and volunteering at a Day Camp activity.

Everyone attending either Cub Scout Day Camp or the Tagalong program must have on file, with our Registrars, both a completed Registration form and Medical form and have their tuition completely paid.

No applications will be accepted from from individuals.Your Unit MUST have a Coordinator for your Unit to attend Day Camp. 

Coordinators are required for any Pack, Troops, & Crews that wants to send boys/girls to Day Camp.

To Register:

1) Find out who your Pack, Troop, Crew Coordinator from our list of registered Coordinators.
If your Unit does not have a Coordinator yet, contact your Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Commitee Chair. You may not register if your Unit does not have a  Coordinator registered with Day Camp Administration.

2) Fill out a separate Registration Form and Medical Form for any volunteer, or for anyone attending Camp who is under the age of 18 (this includes Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,Crew Members, minors who are volunteering at Camp and Tagalongs)

3) Submit the completed and signed form, with tuition payment, to your Coordinator.