Parental Concerns

If you would like to visit your son during day camp, you must report to administration upon your arrival at camp. You will be treated as a visitor for the time you are on Day Camp grounds.

To designate adults who are able to pick up your child after Camp, you must include them on your registration form as "People Authorized To Pick Up". If you have not completed this portion or need to update information you may update this information on the Sunday prior to camp.

If your son gets hurt during Day Camp, the nature of his injury will be determined and acted upon by the Camp Medical Staff. If the injury is of a minor nature, your son will be treated at the medical station and will be released back into Camp after his condition is treated.  In the event of an injury that is deemed to require more attention than Day Camp is able to reasonably render, he will be transported to a facility that will treat him. In this case, every effort will be made to contact the parents / guardians of the boy prior to transport. If you have questions for Medical Director prior to camp you may contact them at

If you need to get in touch with Day Camp, there are several options:
- Contact the Day Camp Administration Desk at (number to be published the week of camp). This is the preferred method, especially if you have a sick child that will be missing camp.
- Contact the Baltimore Area Council at 443-573-2500.