2012 National Pike Day Camp

June 25 - June 29, 2012

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Howard County Fairgrounds

Registration for National Pike Day Camp is now open. There is a list of Pack Coordinators online. If you have questions concerning your registration, please contact the Day Camp Registrar for assistance.


The following table specifies the BSA registration and training requirements
for the various camp postions:

Position BSA Registration * Youth Protection Training ** Day Camp Training ***
5 Day Volunteers NO (but recommended) YES YES
Den Volunteers NO (but recommended) NO (but recommended) YES
Station Volunteers NO (but recommended) NO (but recommended) YES
Visitors NO NO NO
Den Aides YES Special youth volunteer training
Boy Scout Volunteers YES Special youth volunteer training
Youth Volunteers NO Special youth volunteer training

* If BSA Registration is required for your volunteer position at Day Camp, please contact your Pack or Troop Committee Chair to verify your BSA registration status.
** Youth Protection certification can be obtained / renewed on-line.
*** Contact Day Camp Director.

NOTE: All Scouts must be registered with a BSA Pack or Troop.


All Administration Staff, Station Managers and 5-Day Volunteers must have a current Youth Protection Training certification. Youth Protection (YP) training for structured activities such as Cub Scout Day Camp is available on-line at the online training center.

Log on to the Youth Protection training link at the online training center and you will see a statement that you must be a registered BSA leader (e.g., Cub Scout or Boy Scout leader) to get the Training Card. Yes, you must be a registered leader to receive a BSA training card, but you do not need to be a registered leader to receive an on-line certificate of training. Volunteers that are not registered BSA leaders will need to create a MyScouting account to receive documentation for the training. Your MyScouting account is an e-mail verification system for training.

After creating your MyScouting account and completing the YP course including the quiz (yes, there is a quiz), you may print out a certificate and receive an e-mail verification as evidence of taking the course. Please submit a copy of your certificate to Day Camp Staff at one of the Day Camp Training Classes.

Late Registration:
Registrations received after the final registration turn-in date will be processed if camp is not full. Late registrations will be processed based on (a) registrations submitted with 5-Day adult volunteers will be given priority, and (b) the order received. Any late applications submitted after the cut off date (February 26, 2012) will have a $10.00 late fee applied.

Requests for refunds for the withdrawal of Cub Scouts from camp will be handled as follows:
  1. If received more than 30 days prior to the start of Day Camp: 100%.
  2. If received more than two weeks (14 days) prior to start of Day Camp: all but $70.00 of paid fees per Cub Scout.
  3. No refunds will be honored for withdrawal of Cub Scouts less than two weeks prior to camp unless accompanied by a doctor's written statement that the Cub Scout is too ill to attend camp. All but $20.00 of paid fees may be refunded.